About Us

Blue-Plate Consulting Ltd

Company Profile

Blue-Plate works with organisations of all sizes from start-ups to mature large complex organisations, particularly in financial services and the public sector.  We collaborate with clients to get them going with business plans, financial modelling and interim Finance roles, through to developing the competencies to execute their strategies and the design of target operating models.  All our lead consultants are finance and business professionals with many years experience of providing practical and structured approaches to solving strategic, operational and management problems.

Our Mission

To continue surprising our clients with innovative, structured and cost effective solutions to business problems.

Typical engagements

  • Developing business plans for fundraising
  • Interim Financial Director/Controller
  • Restructuring of finance functions
  • Redesigning business, operational and financial processes and organisation structures to improve performance and exploit new system capabilities
  • Design of Target Business and Operating Models
  • Operational and best practice reviews
  • Business cases for major investments
  • Financial modelling

Most of our consulting engagements are in the UK, but we have and do work further afield in Europe, Africa and the Far East.

This Blue-Plate blog enables us to quickly share our ideas and experiences with a wider audience and we welcome your contributions.

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